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8 Reasons You Should Add Mongongo Oil To Your Beauty Regime

8 Reasons You Should Add Mongongo Oil To Your Beauty Regime

Schinziophyton rautanenii, repeatedly referred to as mongongo or manketti, is a huge spreading tree that is living within the woody hills and sandy dunes of subtropical southern Africa. The mongongo produces an egg-shaped fruit produced from a skinny layer of flesh round a difficult shell; throughout the shell is a nutrient-dense nut.

The mongongo nut is a staple meals for the realm and has been ate up through the San bushmen for greater than 7,000 years. When rendered into an oil, mongongo has been historically used to melt and moisten the outside.

Mongongo oil is not like different botanical oils on account of its distinctive composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals, and proteins.

Let’s check out what makes mongongo oil such a very good tonic for the outside and hair…

1. Linoleic Acid

Mongongo oil consists of between 36% to 49% linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid. Like different crucial fatty acids, linoleic acid should be ate up from exterior resources because it can’t be synthesized within the frame.

A deficiency in crucial fatty acids results in a decline within the pores and skin barrier serve as. The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the dermis and serves to give protection to the frame from the weather whilst trapping moisture inside. It acts as a herbal protection towards UV gentle, micro organism, dehydration, and an infection. When the outside barrier is compromised, it reasons a dramatic lack of moisture within the pores and skin. It is thought of as the main physiological issue within the building of eczema, psoriasis, and different pores and skin sicknesses.

Proven to right kind deficiencies in pores and skin barrier serve as, linoleic acid utterly restored moisture ranges in crucial fatty acid disadvantaged mice. The find out about, revealed in 1980, in comparison topical programs of linoleic acid and oleic acid and located that, whilst each fatty acids labored to revive pores and skin barrier serve as, linoleic acid labored a lot quicker and had noticeable pores and skin softening effects after simply sooner or later of remedy.

2. Eleostearic Acid

A conjugated fatty acid, eleostearic acid makes up round 25% of mongongo oil’s fats profile. A number of research at the results on eleostearic acid have discovered that it has anti-cancer houses, having the ability to supress tumor expansion.

Some other attention-grabbing high quality of eleostearic acid is its use a solar protectant. Historically, mongongo oil has been used topically as a herbal sunscreen; the oil polymerizes when uncovered to UV gentle which gives a protecting defend for the outside and hair.

three. Oleic Acid

Oleic acid is located in lots of varieties of plant fat, maximum particularly virgin olive oil. In mongongo, it makes up 15% of the oil.

Oleic acid is a penetration enhancer, expanding the power of the outside to take in moisture and vitamins. As an emollient, oleic acid is a wonderful moisturizer that has a deeply hydrating impact at the pores and skin. Whilst it moisturizes, it additionally provides delicate cleaning motion as properly.

four. Palmitic Acid

Palmitic acid is a well-rounded fatty acid with surfactant, emollient, and occlusive qualities that paintings in tandem to cleanse, melt, and stay moisture within the pores and skin.

Produced naturally within the human epidermis, palmitic acid can lower through up to 56% as we age. Mongongo oil consists of eight% palmitic acid, which is a great quantity since anything else above 13% will have a drying impact at the pores and skin.

five. Diet E

Essential to wholesome pores and skin, diet E is a potent antioxidant having the ability to neutralize unfastened radical harm that reasons untimely growing older. It could assist save you and service high-quality traces and wrinkles brought about through solar harm whilst offering some coverage from UV gentle because it absorbs decrease wavelengths of the UVB spectrum.

When implemented topically, diet E can scale back pores and skin swelling, thickness, redness, and different indicators of irritation. It additionally is helping accelerate the wound therapeutic procedure.

Mongongo oil is especially wealthy in diet E. Every 100 gram portion supplies 565 mg of diet E and tocopherol.

6. Magnesium

An historic treatment for pores and skin dryness and irritation, bathing within the Lifeless Sea has been an efficient treatment for 1000’s of years. Even supposing the Lifeless Sea consists of a number of minerals, it’s maximum considerable in magnesium.

Research on magnesium treatment have proven that it prevents transepidermal water loss whilst boosting pores and skin hydration. It reduces pores and skin roughness and redness and it improves the ever-important pores and skin barrier serve as.

Mongongo oil provides a excellent supply of magnesium, offering 527 mg according to 100 grams of oil.

7. Zinc

Crucial mineral for all of the frame, zinc is important for the correct serve as of greater than 300 enzymes and 1,000 processes that convert DNA into RNA. Within the realm of skincare although, zinc performs an crucial function in keeping up a wholesome epidermis.

Zinc has antioxidant houses and will assist to treatment or curb a number of pores and skin prerequisites comparable to warts, zits, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, alopecia, keloids, and dandruff. It possesses photograph protecting and anti-aging qualities, rendering the outside extra elastic whilst diminishing wrinkles.

Mongongo incorporates four mg of zinc according to 100 grams of kernel oil.

eight. Protein

Protein is key to each and every unmarried mobile within the human frame. Consisting of a number of lengthy chains of amino acids, protein is admittedly important for wholesome bones, muscle mass, cartilage, blood, pores and skin, hair, and nails. Protein is helping the frame make enzymes, hormones, and different chemical substances. It additionally works to construct and service tissues.

Whilst eating a nutrition wealthy in protein supplies many advantages for pores and skin and hair, making use of proteins topically provides a extra direct direction. For the outside, it promotes elasticity, hurries up therapeutic, boosts collagen ranges, and is helping to opposite the indicators of growing older. For hair, protein strengthens hair follicles from root to tip, reverses harm brought about through warmth and chemical remedies, and promotes thicker, fuller hair expansion.

Mongongo oil is composed of round 25% protein.

How To Use Mongongo Oil

Even supposing mongongo oil is a quite new entrant to the outside and hair care scene, merchandise the usage of mongongo because the core component are already to be had in lip balms, shampoos, and frame butters.

For the purest shape, you could need to acquire this bottle of chilly pressed, 100% natural mongongo oil. You’ll be able to mix it with different substances, or just observe it at once to pores and skin and hair:

Moisturizer – Observe mongongo oil on your face and frame every day for wholesome, sparkling pores and skin.

Anti-Inflammatory – Use mongongo oil as a place remedy for zits, eczema, psoriasis and different pores and skin issues.

Sunscreen – Rub mongongo oil into your pores and skin sooner than heading outside for additonal coverage from the solar.

Go away in Conditioner – After shampooing, observe a small quantity of mongongo oil on your rainy hair. You’ll want to therapeutic massage it totally into your scalp and tresses.

Repair the Frizz – Flyaways and frizzy hair may also be simply tamed through rubbing and dollop of mongongo oil between your palms and gently smoothing the skin of the hair.


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