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Does Prescription Skin Care Really Work Better?

Once in a while prescription skincare merchandise paintings higher than over-the counter (OTC) skincare merchandise, and once in a while they don’t – it relies.

For instance, 2.Five % benzoyl peroxide OTC “drug” will paintings higher for pimples than prescription topical antibiotic skincare medication. That’s for the reason that pimples inflicting micro organism p. acnes is proof against antibiotics, however nonetheless delicate to benzoyl peroxide.

Additionally, prescription tretinoin could also be more practical than OTC retinol lotions for anti-aging collagen formation. It additionally could also be more practical in decreasing the malignant transformation of solar broken pores and skin cells into precancerous and cancerous growths. However, we aren’t positive. Rigorous research had been completed at the unique Retin-A method of tretinoin to turn out efficacy, however no longer for retinol merchandise as a result of research are pricey; additionally as a result of OTC retinol isn’t a patentable pharmaceutical.

The similar predicament holds true for different elements like nutrition C and different anti-oxidants. We received’t see excellent research proving or disproving efficacy of many elements. That is because of the monetary truth of research prices, particularly for drug claims you’ll be able to’t give protection to through patent. I’ve heard the fee to take a patented product in the course of the FDA mandated learn about procedure to make a drug declare is no less than nine million bucks! It should also be a lot more.

As a health care provider, I do know there are excellent OTC skincare merchandise, together with cosmeceuticals, that may paintings to beef up pores and skin issues. On account of the fee to leap the FDA hoop, they received’t be carefully examined and so can’t make the claims. A few of these are nice merchandise that belong in a powerful skincare regimen aimed to mend your pores and skin issues.


To resolve efficacy, I take advantage of what I do know concerning the body structure of the outside downside first. Then I search for good merchandise and/or elements according to my working out of the science. I take a look at a product on myself. I then ask group of workers and sufferers to check out them. We practice if the product turns out to paintings according to bodily tests and person comments.

Every other in reality vital facet of product efficacy and claims is the variation between in-vitro effects and product use claims. Does the fondness in-vitro (that means within the laboratory, however no longer on a dwelling organism) effects noticed in a lab in reality imply a product will paintings to your pores and skin? The solution maximum the time is nope!

An answer of cells or chemical reactions swirling in a check tube does no longer evaluate to your pores and skin. Simply because an component does one thing miraculous in a check tube does no longer imply that the component will paintings to your pores and skin. Blending the component with others in a product method is one reason why. The opposite is that your pores and skin has a tenacious barrier and sophisticated body structure. That’s why I check merchandise on enthusiastic other people.

Every other instance of an component that has OTC as opposed to prescription variability is hydroquinone. We all know its prescription energy of four% and better works higher than OTC 2% energy for lightening hyperpigmentation. Additionally it is more practical than the non-prescription botanical pigment lighteners. Hydroquinone breaks down rapid too. A hydroquinone product with amber shade is damaged down. That mentioned, hydroquinone is one of the best pigment lightening component. A excellent OTC hydroquinone product of two% will paintings to lend a hand repair asymmetric pores and skin hyperpigmentation. Rx energy is more practical regardless that.


One among my favourite merchandise and elements are the alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). I’ve been the usage of them because the 1980’s, on sufferers’ pores and skin and my very own. AHAs are OTC, however the first actual excellent product used to be a 12% lactic acid that used to be prescription. That exact same 12% lactic acid cream is now to be had nonprescription.

AHA merchandise are broadly to be had in many various bureaucracy. Efficacy varies according to the AHA (there are differing types) and the energy and pH of the product. This implies method of a product issues. AHAs that paintings neatly will have to be formulated through excellent beauty chemists to an acidic pH, and loose acid content material of over 10%. On this shape, be expecting a product to sting and aggravate. It’s why I’ve a large number of data on my AHA product pages to train sufferers to make use of and hassle shoot their AHA merchandise.

There are nonetheless dangers concerned. AHAs are a piece horse component for non-prescription anti-aging skincare, clogged pores, and pimples. They are able to also be used as frame creams to stay the massive floor space of pores and skin to your frame comfortable, supple and younger. Believe me in this – my nearly 60 yr outdated pores and skin would glance very other with out AHAs!

Whilst you construct the complete skincare regimen, there are such a lot of concerns to keep in mind. Do you’ve got simple get right of entry to to a dermatologist for prescription skincare? What’s your funds? Prescription costs have soared out of succeed in for plenty of, even with medical insurance. Working towards dermatology for 30 years and learning skincare science obsessively, I do know what OTC merchandise gets effects. My function is to lend a hand my readers construct their very own entire skincare regimen that reaches their objectives, suits their funds, and makes use of the most productive OTC skincare merchandise.

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